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Discover the beauty and durability of Bulgarian gneiss

08 Apr, 2020


Bulgarian gneiss is a fantastic stoneresistant, durable, visually interesting and suitable for many purposes. It can be used for interior and exterior spaces with equal ease and functionality. Its density and robustness make it an excellent choice for garden decoration, paving, facades or building stone. Exterior projects benefit greatly from it because its colours are stable, permanent and don’t fade away with time. Because of its durability and raw beauty, gneiss perfectly fits a multitude of interior uses, such as decorative walls and a huge variety of interior decoration.

One of the best things about our gneiss is the huge and pleasing range of aesthetics expressed in it, that can appeal to many different styles and tastes. This beautiful stone is known for its characteristic stripes, linear bands, flows of colour and, last but not least, the glittery specs of mica that make it shine under the sunlight. Bulgarian gneiss is not only durable and visually appealing, but it’s also worth considering its more affordable price compared to the artificial cement products made to resemble it.

Here at RAIMAR we are happy to be offering a huge range of Bulgarian gneiss with enormous quantities of the different varieties in stock. We also take pride in our long history in exporting quality gneiss to a number of European countries. Among our B2B clients are big hardware stores, B2C warehouses that require regular stock-up and that handle a great deal of orders on a daily basis, as well as construction companies that need large quantities of stone for their projects.

Being the manufacturer processing the stone, we are very flexible when it comes to making orders with us. Our greatest advantage is that we can export a mixed order of different gneiss varieties in different quantities. Because we have all of our gneiss in stock, all you need to do is just send us your trucks and tells us what you’d like us to load them with: there are no restrictions, such as ordering a whole truck of just one type or colour variety. With us, you are the master of your order. At RAIMAR you can choose from a multitude of sizes: from small and large polygonal plates to riven and split-face tiles, as well as filetti strips. The colour variety we offer is also impressive: from minimalist white and warm sandy yellow, orange and red to colder grey, brown, blue and purple. We have it all, we have it in stock, we have it now – no need to wait, no need to limit your choice to a single variety, colour or size. Feel free to contact us anytime and we’d be happy to discuss together your future order with us.