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Barbecue + Oven Standard

Barbecue + Oven Standard
Product Id: 1/2/1
Sizes: 208/120/155cm
Weight: 1200kg
Package: 2 pallets


The barbecue oven is used for preparing tasty and healthy food. This unique product combines a BBQ and an oven in a single item. You can enjoy the advantages of both cooking methods at a reasonable price and using less space.

The BBQ ovens tiled with standard unshaped stone:

  • featured dome made of fireproof chamotte bricks glued together with a thermostable adhesive (8-10 cm thick and 70 cm diameter);
  • feature a BBQ fuel chamber made of ceramic or chamotte bricks glued together with a thermostable adhesive;
  • are made of reinforced thermo-concrete panels tiled with natural stone /hand-made/;
  • feature an iron lid for closing the oven upon heating up; (Other accessoires as grill or rotisserie system are not included in the price.)
  • are stacked on euro pallets for transportation (see the Gallery section);
  • come with a detailed assembly and installation guide.

Using the BBQ: Fill the fireplace with dry twigs and charcoal. When starting the fire avoid abrupt changes in the temperature of the fuel chamber by using burners and petroleum products. Place a grill over the embers and let it heat up before putting the food products you have prepared. During grilling it is not recommended to extinguish the fire with a sudden gush of water. Instead, just sprinkle some water.

Using the oven: Place some dry wood and twigs in the middle of the oven’s dome. When starting the fire avoid abrupt changes in the temperature of the fuel chamber by using burners and petroleum products. It is normal for the bricks in the dome to become black after the first kindling. The fire should be maintained until the bricks turn white. It takes about 1 to 2 hours to get the oven ready. Once the bricks turn white, the oven is ready for usage and you can place inside the baking dish. Finally, close the dome with the iron lid and seal the sides with mud or a sticky mixture of ash, flour and water.

Fitting instructions: The easy and correct installation of your BBQ ovendepends largely on the platform. Make sure that the platform is stable, flat and even. The individual components are fitted in the order given in the installation guide, and are glued together using cement adhesive. It is recommended that you use a thermostable adhesive when fitting the components within and around the dome. Ensure that all parts are thoroughly wetted with water for better conglutination. Finally, joint and clean all surfaces. After the adhesive goes dry (from 12 to 24 hours depending on the season), your BBQ oven is ready to use.
The dome, weighing about 200 kg, is the heaviest part, so 3 or 4 persons will be needed to move it.

Insulation MANDATORY: The better the oven’s insulation, the better its roasting efficiency, as the accumulated heat will last longer. We recommend placing a cement roof on top of the oven’s dome and filling the empty space with quartz sand. We offer our clients such a roof. The other possibility is to insulate the dome using rock-wool, hexagonal wire mesh and coating it with a fireproof mixture such as chamotte.



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